In the new TV commercial for Hirmer BIG & TALL, a true XXL man masters the most absurd situations – sometimes as a superhero, sometimes ironically. And his outfit always fits perfectly!

This new ad spot is a tribute to all the Hirmer BIG & TALL customers and real guys of this world! Real men stay true to themselves in every aspect of their lives, maintaining confidence and self-assurance in every situation. The ad shows that men without model measurements can still look fashionable, and find clothes with the perfect fit and exceptional quality.

The ad was made by the Munich film production company Velvet Mediendesign. After a large-scale, international casting process, Marko Gvero, a Serbian theatre and TV actor, was chosen as the perfect man, representing the archetype of a modern and self-confident plus size man. The ad was shot in Belgrade, a city that conveys a spirit of optimism and energy that can be felt in the film.The specially composed song "I Made a man of me" was produced by Henan X / Verlag Bosworth Creative, composed and recorded by Oliver Schmitt, Peter Müssig, Krisz Kreuzer together with the singer Gordon Domnick.

The ad will be broadcast on RTL, VOX, ntv, Sky Go and YouTube from April 2019.