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Trousers in plus size

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Plus size pants by Tommy Hilfiger

Plus size pants with the signature blue, white and red label by Tommy Hilfiger meet the absolute highest standards when it comes to quality, shape and cut. The collections in a sporty sailor style are a firm favourite in the fashion industry. Pants by Tommy Hilfiger will make any wearer look well dressed. These pants will look just as good with a casual, printed T-shirt as with a sport coat and formal shirt. After all, pants are the most important and most masculine item of clothing in any man's wardrobe.

Pants in XXL and higher in plenty of colours and styles

The countless colours, cuts, styles and designs are the most stand-out features looked for by fans of Tommy Hilfiger. When it comes to plus sizes, the spring and summer collections as well as the autumn and winter collections released by this brand prove to be far and away the most popular among larger men. The flattering cuts ensure that the wearer feels great at all times. Countless colours ensure a nice change every now and then in your wardrobe. Have a look at his pants in red, white, black, blue, beige, yellow, brown, green or with patterns – find countless fantastic Tommy Hilfiger products in our online shop.

The advantages of a pair of pants

Pants have many advantages. No matter what time of year or what temperature prevails – pants will provide the perfect level of protection. When it gets very cold and unpleasant, pants will keep the warmth in and keep that nasty cold out. When it gets hot outside, and everything you put on feels like too much, then a pair of pants can give you the freedom and air flow you want. Certain fabrics, materials and wide cuts can provide good heat exchange which in turn makes the wearer more comfortable.

Tommy Hilfiger and his classic pants

Casual Tommy Hilfiger chinos are not just very popular, but also a classic. These designer pants made of high quality cotton stand out with their incredible value for money, as well as their unrivalled comfort. Successful fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger gives the classic preppy style new life. Hilfiger gives his current collections his own classic touch with colourful trim details, signature green-edged button holes and extravagant contrasting fabrics. The red, white and blue logo also adds his extra special flair. It has become a symbol of the "All American Spirit". The fashion of Tommy Hilfiger in size XXL and up is not just authentic; it exudes a touch of timelessness.