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Elegant suits

Suits in plus size

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Big and tall suits for fashion conscious men

This timeless classic is not only perfect for business menswear, it’s also ideal for formal occasions, so that you can feel comfortable and stylish in every way. A well-fitting sport coat and the right trousers create a balanced look. Men’s Regular Fit and Slim Fit suits in wool are especially popular. High-quality sheep's fleece has a number of great properties which are particularly advantageous in a suit.

If you opt for a two or three piece suit in pure new wool, you are getting a suit made from a material that is not only dirt-repellent and self-cleaning, but is also great at trapping warmth and regulating temperature. The result: new wool has a breathable and temperature-regulating effect.

Large selection of elegant big and tall suits

It’s not always easy to find the right suit, which fits perfectly. And for men who are looking for size 56 and larger, the selection is often limited. The key to a good suit is the perfect fit and the right size. For an elegant appearance, both jacket and trousers should fit perfectly. Of course a classic white shirt can't be forgotten. If you struggle with standard sizes, try our suit separates. With suit separates, you can choose a different size in your suit jacket and trousers.

Now that you’ve found the perfect size, next you need to find the right model, including colour, cut and fit. A black suit is always classic. But variety is the spice of life. Jacket and trousers in colours like grey and blue are elegant and timeless, yet modern. Men who wear big sizes often prefer dark and muted colours as they create a slimming effect, making the figure appear taller.

Cut a fine figure at every occasion: business big size suits are also great as formal wear

Are you looking for a big and tall elegant menswear that can be worn for business but also for other occasions? Then try switching it up a bit. In our Business Formal range, you can find dark men's jackets and trousers in grey, anthracite, dark blue or black. If you want, you can also try a subtle pinstripe. Combine with a shirt in white or light blue and a tie in muted tones. And don’t forget the belt. This is an accessory that many consider unimportant. But a belt in a matching colour completes your business outfit. If your suit is black, you should stick to black for your belt and shoes. If you opt for a suit in dark grey or dark blue, try combining with brown shoes and a brown belt. An important point to remember is that your belt and shoes should be in a matching colour. If you like to keep your look classic, then the only accessory you need is a watch.