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Plus size suits: The perfect look

For some, a suit is part of the dress code in their work and everyday lives. For others, it is an item of clothing that underscores the special moments in life. In any case, men’s suits from Hirmer BIG AND TALL will always give you an air of confidence and sophistication. Nothing looks better than a well-tailored, perfectly fitted plus size suit. Well-tailored means that it hides your weaker points and underlines your strengths. Perfectly fitted means it reflects your personality and style, and looks right for the occasion – no matter what size you wear. You also have the option of choosing plus size sport coats and plus size business pants individually to create an outfit. Hirmer BIG AND TALL is a qualified specialist for sophisticated menswear. Our expertise in plus size men’s suits is evident in the items shown here: A wide selection of high-quality brands and designer suits in almost all plus sizes and price ranges. Including big names like Eduard Dressler, Féraud, Carl Gross, Daniel Hechter, Kaiser Design, Bradford, Tom Rusborg and Digel.