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Plus size jackets: Styles, colours, variety

If you have a clear idea of what type of plus size jacket you are looking for, great! If you are unsure, then our premium manufacturers Bugatti, Pierre Cardin, Daniel Hechter, Bogner, Camel Active, Wellensteyn, Tommy Hilfiger, Polo Ralph Lauren and Hugo Boss will be happy to help (also in XXL). Hirmer BIG AND TALL offers the kind of variety you can expect from a specialist in plus size menswear. Are you looking for a blouson, parka, casual overjacket or elegant plus size gilet – in black, blue or neutral? Follow your personal style and colour idea to find the right jacket for you in our plus size range.

Function is the main focus in sportswear jackets. Latest technologies are combined in their making. Goretex has always been breathable as well as windproof and water-resistant – the new direct laminate technology now also makes it extremely lightweight. The new Outlast fabric contains micro-thermal capsules, which store heat in the fibres and release it as needed. Nano, on the other hand, repels water, dirt and oil with invisible particles.

Leather gets hearts racing. The oldest clothing material is also one of the trendiest. The leather jacket as the epitome of masculine strength has long been legendary. Today, it combines nature and high-tech with distinctive charm and character that only gets better with age. From robust, lightly oiled cowhide to elegant, glacé glove nappa and lightweight, Sabrina calf nubuck, deerskin or genuine, waxed lambskin – our vast range reflects the diversity and beauty of this natural product. Amaretta is a great material for shirt jackets, blousons and city jackets. The high-quality, microfibre-based leather imitation possesses the perfect properties with an elegant suede look. Amaretta is extremely soft, easy to care for and washable. Stains can simply be rubbed off. Amaretta also weighs significantly less than leather.