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Fashionable scarves

Scarves in plus size

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Extra long scarves

Scarves are always a trendy choice, whatever the season. Fashionable scarves have been around for quite a long time. The history of the cashmere scarf, for example, dates back to the 18th century. The cashmere scarf was originally a garment worn only by the people in the city of Cashmere. Cashmere wool, spun from the coat of the cashmere goat, was used for weaving shawls and scarves, which were worn wrapped around the body or head. That is how the term cashmere is associated with the Cashmere region.

Extra long scarves available at Hirmer BIG & TALL

Hirmer BIG & TALL offers a wide choice of scarves. Our product range includes top scarf brands like Boss, Bradford, Dante, Hackett, Polo Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger and Tom Rusborg. Our scarves are made from a variety of materials. They come in pure silk, as well as cashmere and lambswool. We have also made sure that the scarves in our XXL online shop are available in a variety of colours. Classic colours like grey, brown, beige and black, or more unusual hues like blue, red, purple or orange – we have the right colour for any taste.

Our scarves are extra long. That means that our plus size shop features scarves that differ from standard sizes. Have we sparked your interest? Visit our menswear online shop and find your perfect scarf!

Hirmer BIG & TALL offers a great selection for big and tall sizes. From suits, shirts, pants, sports coats and jeans to underwear and scarves – we offer our customers a vast selection in our plus size online store. Our range includes sizes XXL to 8XL. Browse our online shop for big and tall sizes from the comfort of your home. Our services include straight-forward shipping and quick delivery. We look forward to your visit!